M.M.C. 50-Ton Master Captain

President of Ophira Sailing



I learned to sail with my younger brother. As pre-teens we spent summers on Long Beach Island, NJ and were able to rent sunfish class boats. Our father taught us the basics during day sailing outing on the weekends and we solo sailed together in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. Little Egg Harbor is perfect for young sailors: little current, mostly shallow (<4 feet) and lots of island to explore. 

The sailing efforts took a back seat to family responsibilities and a career in mechanical engineering and material science. I  was re-connected to my sailing roots in 2010 and it has been full speed ahead ever since. During the early portion of 2010 I looked in my personal library and noticed several books that detailed nautical science, sailing, and celestial navigation. So I guess I was never too far from my nautical interests. 

Ophira is a labor of love for me. It brings into focus all of my carpentry, engineering, and mechanical skills into one concentrated area. The experience and challenges of restoring a classic sailing created in the 1970’s era to operate in the 21st century is more fun than I ever imagined.  But the ultimate pay back is the open sea sailing we get to do with her. This is when my pulse really starts to accelerate. 

Jeff Farber