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Celestial Sailings

Celestial charters provide an introduction to the art and practice of navigating on the water using the heavenly bodies. And of course we will be sailing as well. Let's call it the best of two worlds. We offer two options - nighttime and daytime excursions.

Nighttime sailing is an experience not to be missed. Travel to long ago times in your imagination as you use a sextant to measure the altitude of a heavenly body and unlock the mystery of celestial navigation. View the night sky and let our crew help you identify stars. It’s invigorating for your mind and your soul.

Daytime is the perfect time to view our most important star - the sun! Based on the specific date of your charter we arrange for the 'perfect time' and location to make a celestial fix on the sun. Most of the time the weather cooperates and we have music, savory snacks and beverages to keep us fortified as we calculate our position using the sextant measurements. We find fun for everyone!

3 hour sail

Maximum of 6 passengers

$60/per person 

Savory vegetarian snacks and beverages included!

(cheese plate, creative dips, chips, vegetables)

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