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Meet new people! Half price!

Wed &Thurs Eve
Collegial Sail

Why half price? Why not! The only difference between this and our regular sails is it's on a standing day and time (Wednesday & Thursday, 5:30pm) and we ask that you bring your own food and drinks (no red wine, please - it stains!).

This weekly event not only gives you some time on the river, but also the possibility of meeting some new friends!

Your choice: actively participate in the navigation of the river or sit back and let the majesty of the river, sky, wind and the boat thrill you as we explore the area of Esopus Meadows and Port Ewen Bay. The crew will gladly share information on the geography and history of the area.

Ophira Sailing will offer you the opportunity to take in the magnificent vistas while cruising on the tranquil Hudson River with the spectacular backdrop of the Catskill Mountains. This is your opportunity to share a unique experience sailing with your friends or family - a relaxing, fun and energizing experience on the water.

3 hour sail (Wednesday, 5:30pm)
Maximum of 6 passengers

$30 /per person

Contact us to reserve your spot (no "drop-ins, please!)

Please bring your own drinks and snacks

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